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Our Services

Blueprint Design

Our Design Team handles anything from on-site consultation to a master plan for a clients property that may include a pool, outdoor living space and/or planting plan with 3D renderings of what the plan will look like.  First,  we have a preliminary meeting with the client to discuss their property and what they want to accomplish. We will then provide residential customers with a landscape design that meets their goals, budget and needs (within a designated time frame). We use industry leading programs to create the afore-mentioned 2D and 3D renderings to help the client envision their new landscape. Projects that don’t require a plan/3D rendering are drainage projects, lawn installation, irrigating a existing lawn/landscape and more. Our Design Team is working hard to always offer cutting edge design features and methods to help you visualize your project before the shovel ever hits the dirt. 


A Residential Build project can be a new home where we create it from scratch or a re-do where we take something and make it better. A project can even be adding a new feature to an already nice landscape like a pergola, water feature, patio and more. We build everything exterior of the home.  from patio paving to composite decks, from filling planters to establishing trees, from fire places to decorative pergolas. Our craft is durable, sustainable, efficient and reliable. (and with the maintenance to fight off the elements, will last a lifetime). Our Build Team is very passionate about creating your dream outdoor living space.


This is a Service to provide maintenance for irrigation, lighting services, pool/spa/fountains, lawn fertilization to keep lawns looking fresh and green, lawn mowing services that are tailored to the property. We make it easy to take care of their existing landscape, lawn, irrigation, landscape lighting, pools and more. Proper plant care and pruning to get the most out of it (more flowers out of your perennials and flowering shrubs, pruning to promote health and better appearance of perennials, shrubs (never say bushes) and trees.  Please ask to see the maintenance template that we send to customers so you can see what services we typically provide for our clients.

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